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Monday, December 21, 2015

Lil' Dick McWeeney... Cover It With My Panties!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to the biggest loser on my list.  By biggest loser I mean.... Well, just take a look at his pic.   Looks like he lost a few inches there.  His name is Lil' Dick McWeeney!  I named him.  It fits him well.

So, anyways this douche calls me and literally begged to serve me.  I have a weakness for weeping beggars.  I felt a little pity for him.  What sold me on this fag was the fact that he had a small dick. Knobbers are the best because they are so weak, vulnerable, and so easy to take advantage of.
Took me a whole six minutes to convince him to do this! I am sure it is my hypnotic voice and wild imagination that trapped him. 
 By this time next week, this little motherfucker is going to be my headliner for 
Losers ~ Fags ~ And ~ Scummy D-bags!

Please comment below so we can laugh at McWeeney together!!!! 
When he calls to talk about this..... it's going to be great! 
Don't worry I will tell you all about it here. 

~Kisses You Dirty Bitches~ 
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ext: 10875493

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Now Taking Sissy Faggots and Panty Boys
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