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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cuckolding My "Boyfriend"

I've been dating Kyle casually for a couple of months now, well he's more like a fuck buddy but boyfriend sounds nicer.  He's in a couple of my classes and we started hanging out. It's getting to the point where I'm losing interest in him but not quite ready to end things so I thought it was time to spice things up a bit.  I went out clubbing and got hit on by a guy named Dylan. He was cute and in a party mood so we left together and I decided to take him back to Kyle's. I have a key to his place so I let us in while he was at work. I told Dylan that we had the place to ourselves but don't get freaked out if my friend  showed up, he'd be cool with this.  He said he was fine with                                                                                      anything, he was an open-minded guy.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bullying The Baby Dick

 I took Adam home with me for one reason: his baby dick. He thought I didn't know about it but my girlfriend Katy had a one night stand with him and we laughed about it the next day. Anyways, I was bored and needed something fun to do so I went to a club and ran into Adam there. He bought me a drink and I flirted with him, giving him little touches and making him think I was actually interested in him. By the end of the night he was horny and dying to take me back to his place.

    We went to the bedroom and started making out all hot and heavy. We tugged at each others' clothes and started getting naked. I made sure to keep my bra and panties on while he was buck naked. I leaned over him and slid my tongue down his chest, heading for his dick. He watched me, probably thinking he was about to get a blow job, and right when I got to the good part I stopped. I burst out laughing and he got all embarrassed. 

"What?" he asked and I pointed at his stub. "What is this? Fuck, I didn't know I went home with a woman. It looks like a big floppy clit." I smacked it with my hand and he got all defensive, saying it wasn't that small, come on. "Is it hard? Wow, I think a 5 year old has a bigger one than you." I pinched his dick between my fingers and squeezed it as I looked at it with amusement. Adam was blushing even redder now and breathing hard as I moved his dick around. He tried to cover himself up with his hand but I smacked it away.

 "Don't, otherwise I'll tell all my girlfriends about that thing. Just be a good boy and it'll be over soon." He was dying for it to end and went along with it so I'd leave him alone. I put my fist loosely around him and pretended to jerk him off, my hand slipping off him with every stroke. I laughed and said "Ooops, I keep missing it. It's so hard to hold on to." I looked at him with shock and asked "Is this why you're always single? Yeah, I don't think your girlfriends stick around for too long, do they?" I then took my phone out and turned it on so I could take some picture of this freak show. I opened my mouth wide and put it in front of his dick, making it obviously that he couldn't fill it and snapped away. I then held my thumb beside his dick and took another one. I swear they were nearly the same size. I took a quick look around me and found all kinds of things to compare his dick to and every single one of them was bigger.

   I played with him for ages but even that got boring after awhile. I put my phone away and he begged me not to show anyone the pictures I'd taken. I thought about it and made him sweat for a minute then crossed my fingers behind my back. "Of course I won't show anyone." I said and I think the moron believed me.

~I bet you are a dirty lil'boy with a lil'dick and you would just love if I would play with it....
Wouldn't you?!?~

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

How Many Days Before They Smell Just Right!

I have a drawer full of sexy little panties but sometimes I'll wear the same pair for two or three days without changing them. Why? Because I love it when they're all dirty and I can give them to a little panty sniffer to enjoy. It's so fun watching them hold a pair of smelly panties up to their face and getting hard as they close their eyes. I know Jeremy would have lots of fun with the red lacy boy shorts that I wore for three days straight.  

I took him to my bedroom and had him get undressed then made him get on the bed while I stood beside it and asked if he was ready for his little treat. He looked at me excitedly as I undid my jeans and took them off. I plucked at the edge of my panties and told him how my pussy and ass had been rubbing against them non-stop for three days; they felt so gross and must reek of me.
I then slid my panties down and stepped out of them, letting him get a look at my smooth pussy before handing them to him.

He grabbed them from me with a huge grin on his face and held them up to his nose, taking a big sniff. He moved the panties back and forth, going from the slightly wet front to the musky back. He kept taking deep breaths like he couldn't get enough of it and his dick began to get hard. "I smell good, don't I?" I asked and he nodded as I told him to show me just how good my panties made him feel.

 He laid back and put my panties over his nose and mouth and I could see it 
moving as he breathed. He put his hand around his dick and began jerking off, moaning as I stood there watching him. He did it slowly, taking his time to enjoy it and I saw a drop of pre-cum slip out of him. It rolled down his head and I had to fight the urge to go and lick it off him. It was hot seeing him naked and jerking off in my bed while playing with my panties and I got a dull throb in my pussy.

I slid my hand down and fingered myself slowly while he kept going, teasing myself because I was going to wait until he'd left before I had my fun. I didn't want to give him too many treats. His fist pumped his dick faster as he practically smothered himself with the panties and I could hear his moans getting louder. His hand started doing little quick jerks and his back arched up. He started to cum and it dripped down his fingers as he slowed then stopped.

 When he was done he kept the panties on his face and his fist loosely around his dick until he began to get soft. He finally sat up and the panties fell on his lap. I tossed his clothes at him and told him to get dressed and go home. He put them on and shoved my panties in his pocket then left. I'm pretty sure he's going to sleep with my panties on his face tonight.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Large Hot Chocolate With A Cream Pie For My Cuckold Slave

I have this very beneficial friend. 
 Beneficial as in...
 I can always have a great fucking laugh when he is around.   For one he is a little bitch.  Which makes him perfect to keep close.  He does what ever I say.  He gets things ready for me, he hangs out to keep an eye on things. The best part is though...... He cleans up messes!  

For example earlier this evening...

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

He Wishes For A Bigger Dick This Year

Twas the night I was giving a real man some attention,  
I heard a ding on my phone and was overwhelmed with tension. 

Lil' Dick McWeeney was blowing up my phone line,
Driving me nuts one stupid email at a time.  

I slid the phone over to view the message,
To my surprise he had sent me a present. 

I started to feel a little excitement,
Until I was blinded by his biggest disappointment.

His humiliating shame he needed to share with me, 
I decided he needed the whole world to see.
A fucking little fag boy,
Wrapped as if he were my favorite toy. 

I smiled and laughed at the lack of the dick. 
Told the real man next to me.........

I bet he wishes from Santa a much BIGGER dick! 

~Small Penis Humiliation with Layla Lust~

Please comment below so we can laugh at McWeeney together!!!! 

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Now Taking Sissy Faggots and Panty Boys
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