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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bullying The Baby Dick

 I took Adam home with me for one reason: his baby dick. He thought I didn't know about it but my girlfriend Katy had a one night stand with him and we laughed about it the next day. Anyways, I was bored and needed something fun to do so I went to a club and ran into Adam there. He bought me a drink and I flirted with him, giving him little touches and making him think I was actually interested in him. By the end of the night he was horny and dying to take me back to his place.

    We went to the bedroom and started making out all hot and heavy. We tugged at each others' clothes and started getting naked. I made sure to keep my bra and panties on while he was buck naked. I leaned over him and slid my tongue down his chest, heading for his dick. He watched me, probably thinking he was about to get a blow job, and right when I got to the good part I stopped. I burst out laughing and he got all embarrassed. 

"What?" he asked and I pointed at his stub. "What is this? Fuck, I didn't know I went home with a woman. It looks like a big floppy clit." I smacked it with my hand and he got all defensive, saying it wasn't that small, come on. "Is it hard? Wow, I think a 5 year old has a bigger one than you." I pinched his dick between my fingers and squeezed it as I looked at it with amusement. Adam was blushing even redder now and breathing hard as I moved his dick around. He tried to cover himself up with his hand but I smacked it away.

 "Don't, otherwise I'll tell all my girlfriends about that thing. Just be a good boy and it'll be over soon." He was dying for it to end and went along with it so I'd leave him alone. I put my fist loosely around him and pretended to jerk him off, my hand slipping off him with every stroke. I laughed and said "Ooops, I keep missing it. It's so hard to hold on to." I looked at him with shock and asked "Is this why you're always single? Yeah, I don't think your girlfriends stick around for too long, do they?" I then took my phone out and turned it on so I could take some picture of this freak show. I opened my mouth wide and put it in front of his dick, making it obviously that he couldn't fill it and snapped away. I then held my thumb beside his dick and took another one. I swear they were nearly the same size. I took a quick look around me and found all kinds of things to compare his dick to and every single one of them was bigger.

   I played with him for ages but even that got boring after awhile. I put my phone away and he begged me not to show anyone the pictures I'd taken. I thought about it and made him sweat for a minute then crossed my fingers behind my back. "Of course I won't show anyone." I said and I think the moron believed me.

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Now Taking Sissy Faggots and Panty Boys
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