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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

He Wishes For A Bigger Dick This Year

Twas the night I was giving a real man some attention,  
I heard a ding on my phone and was overwhelmed with tension. 

Lil' Dick McWeeney was blowing up my phone line,
Driving me nuts one stupid email at a time.  

I slid the phone over to view the message,
To my surprise he had sent me a present. 

I started to feel a little excitement,
Until I was blinded by his biggest disappointment.

His humiliating shame he needed to share with me, 
I decided he needed the whole world to see.
A fucking little fag boy,
Wrapped as if he were my favorite toy. 

I smiled and laughed at the lack of the dick. 
Told the real man next to me.........

I bet he wishes from Santa a much BIGGER dick! 

~Small Penis Humiliation with Layla Lust~

Please comment below so we can laugh at McWeeney together!!!! 

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ext: 10875493
yahoo: lusting4layla
I love a loser on CAM! 

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